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ADOPTS 1 (OPEN) by chocoanillaberry
Adopts 2 (OPEN) by chocoanillaberry

:iconizince:'s Commissions
June commie OPEN!!Update 2:
`v` Prices will increase next week. Last chance to reserve!
SAI is back hUZZAHHH!!  Bumping this journal up. /o/
lmao omg so this commie isn't going to be just for artist alley but for another private funding. I also have a year to gather it but it's gong to cost me $2k laughs into distance
If anyone could spread the word, that'd be great. Thanks so much!! _(:3// 
Hey guys!!
My wish to get an Artist Alley table has grown exponentially. One of my first investment goes toward to buying a button machine and that's a triple digit cost. I've been researching for the past few years and I'd really like to get started early with funding for next year. Sure, I work at an animation studio and I can just pay them off with my paycheck, but really, my family would prefer me to save those money for a house LOL. Basically, consider commissions my only source of free-spending money ha-- 
My new commission information is already up and running. I just haven'
New Commission ID (OPEN) by iZince
:iconaltairria:'s Commissions
COMMISSION TO SAVE UP AA TABLE FOR 2015 CON [OPEN]After some thought and much heavy discussion with my parents  I am now open for commissions!
I am saving up to AA for local con next year with my friend and I would like to have a head start and prepare.
For those who are interested in commission me, I would like to say thank you very much :icononionbowplz:
Without further adieu, Let's get started!
What I can do:
Kemonomimi ( someone who has animal ears and have 75% human-like appearance) Hetero couplesShounen-ai and Shoujo-ai 
What I cannot do:
Mecha Furries RealismExplicit and Sexual drawings (ex: Hentai, really heavy BL and Yuri art, and so on)NO PORN | R18  
Price Sheet


Commission ID by AltairRia


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